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Consul General Dr. Sun Dali Meets with UK MP


Consul General Dr. Sun Dali met at his residency with Mr and Mrs Mark Hendrick, MP for Preston on Nov. 24, 2016. Deputy Consul General Lai Bo and Consul Lyu Xiaomei attended the meeting.


Dr. Sun stated that China-UK relations has developed well in recent years. Exchanges and cooperation between China and the consular area has been growing in full swing since Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Britain including a stopover in Manchester. Mr.Hendrick has on his previous posts contributed a lot to the advancement of UK-China relations and is expected to let his constituency know more about China today and to ceaselessly strengthen North England's link with China.

Mr. Hendrick said that President Xi Jinping's visit gave a strong boost to the bilateral relations. His constituency and himself are very interested in building more ties with China. He invited Consul General Sun to visit Preston to give a speech on China's growth and to explore multi-sector cooperation in further depth.   




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