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Consulate General holds 'A Taste of Chinese Cuisine' to Celebrate the New Year


The Chinese Consulate General in Manchester held in local Chinese restaurant a Chinese Cuisine Experience event on Dec. 15, 2016 to celebrate the new year with civic leaders in Greater Manchester and directors of cultural and economic institutes engaged in activities with China.


Consul General Dr. Sun made the following welcoming speech--  
China is famous for its food culture. China boasts a large territory and abundant natural resources as well as a big population. Its long history and brilliant culture bred a diversified food categories for different regions, which had by and by developed into 8 distinct major cuisines of China consisting thousands of varieties, like Beijing Roast Duck.

China-UK relationship could be traced back centuries. The 200,000 Chinese community in the north of England, 60,000 Chinese students as well as 60,000 Chinese tourists per year and investing Chinese companies have brought Chinese culture, especially Chinese food culture to Greater Manchester. The Chinese food culture has settled down very well and prospered rapidly. Chinese restaurants that could be found all over the north of England contribute a lot to the diversified development of local culture.


Last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to the UK with Manchester the final leg of his trip, opening the golden era of China-UK relations.Thenceforth, we have witnessed more and more joint collaboration in a wide spectrum of sectors between China and the north of England.We arrange this Chinese Cuisine experience today to thank you for your contribution to the advancement of China-UK business and cultural exchanges and cooperation. Hope tasting Chinese delicacies and experiencing Chinese culture might help you get to know China better. I am looking forward to working together with you for the continuous development of China-UK relations.


Vice Lord-Lieutenant Mrs. Edith Conn responded on behalf of all invited guests saying that Greater Manchester was grateful for the growing and developing links between China and the UK in terms of investment, trade and other opportunities which cement a partnership that brings a mutual benefit to all. Significant progress has been made by the Chinese Community in Greater Manchester in integrating and contributing to the life of this region not only in commerce but in all other aspects of daily life.

During the event, guests were also invited to have a try at making dumpling and doing food carving.


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