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Consul General Zheng Xiyuan and Wife Meet with Councillor Murphy - Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council


On July 30th 2019, Consul General Zheng Xiyuan and his wife Consul Li Fanghui met with Councillor Sue Murphy, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council and Chief Executive Joanne Roney OBE at their residence. Deputy Consul General Fan Yingjie attended the meeting.

Consul General Zheng gave a briefing on the progress and achievements that the Consulate General had made
on Sino-British exchange and cooperation projects in the first half of the year. He asked about the main concerns of the local government during Brexit and their expectations of cooperation with China. He thanked the Manchester City Council for actively responding to the concerns expressed by the Consulate General by reallocating resources to improve the environment of China Town. He hoped that the City Council would adopt active measures to ensure a safe learning environment for local Chinese students and provide more opportunities for them to engage in social activities.

Councillor Murphy said that Sino-British friendly cooperation was especially encouraging during the period of Brexit. Manchester has always been proud of its diverse cultures and integrity of ethnic groups. The Chinese community has played a positive role in promoting social unity and integration. The City Council will listen more to the advice and suggestions made by the Chinese community and actively consider involving more Chinese students in local public activities.

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