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Consul General Zheng Xiyuan Visits British City of York


On 5th September 2019, Consul General Zheng Xiyuan and his wife Ms. Li Fanghui visited York. Consul Lyu Xiaomei accompanied them.


During the visit, Consul General Zheng Xiyuan met with Councillor Keith Aspden, Leader of the City of York Council, held conversations over dinner with government and business representatives including Lord Mayor Councillor Janet Looker, Vice Lord-Lieutenant for North Yorkshire, Chair of West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and Chair of York, North Yorkshire and East Riding LEP and was invited to inspect local urban reconstruction project sites and featured businesses. He held an informal meeting with BBC Radio, Yorkshire Post and the York Press and accepted an interview with BBC Radio.

At the meeting, Consul General Zheng gave a briefing when consulted on China's future development situation and objectives and illustrated the concept and practice of the distinctive style of Chinese diplomacy. He said that as a famous historical city with rich cultural heritage, York and China have many historical and culture ties to be further explored. Tourism is one of York's pillar industries and China is the most important source country for York's overseas tourists. The ever growing number of Chinese students at the University of York has also become a crucial driver for local economy. It is sincerely hoped that various local social sectors will make good use of the advantages of local resources, actively participate in cooperation with China and further enhance the reputation of York in China through affective promotion of new media and new technology whilst creating more social practice opportunities and make Chinese students the new link for York's cooperation with China.  

Councillor Aspden thanked Consul General Zheng's special visit. He said that tourism is one of York's pillar industries and York attaches great importance to the China market. He hoped to apply its tourism as a medium to attract more Chinese enterprises to get involved in old town reconstruction and infrastructure construction projects. He also said that York Council has been actively responding to local needs for working with China and is planning to form a China forum to integrate information and resources for cooperation with China and guide various social sectors to actively carry out cooperation with China.

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