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Deputy Consul General Lai Bo attends 'Britain-China Peoples'Links in WWII'


Deputy Consul General Lai Bo attended 'Britain-China'Links in WWII, co-sponsored by Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding, University of Central Lancashire Confucius Institute and the People's History Museum on Nov. 25, 2015 in the company of Consul Lyu Xiaomei.

Deputy Consul General remarked on the support of UK government and people to the Chinese people's resistance against Japanese aggression during WWII and called for continuing joint efforts to upholding the outcome of WWII victory and safeguarding the post-war international order.

He concluded his address by congratulating on the 50th anniversary of the Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding and expressing his expectation for its even greater role in increasing mutual trust, exchanges and cooperation between the two peoples in the'golden era' of China-UK relations.

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