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Consul General Li Yongsheng Meets with Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office Director-General


Consul General Li Yongsheng and wife met with Ms. Priscilla To, director-general of Hong Kong SAR Economic and Trade Office and deputy director-general Cherie Yeung. Deputy Consul General Lai Bo and Consul Lyu Xiaomei attended the meeting.


Consul General briefed guests on the cooperation between China and the consular district, giving emphasis on the wave of UK-China cooperation pursuing President Xi Jinping's visit to Manchester last year. He stated that with more devolution deals signed between UK government and northern cities of England, the northern region of England expects great development. The 'one belt and one road' initiative and 'northern powerhouse'strategy could be well aligned bringing immense opportunities to both enterprises.


To expects Hong Kong to become the 'super connector'in dovetailing China and UK development strategies with its financing ability and professional expertise in certain areas. She believes that the 'Northern Powerhouse'strategy will provide Hong Kong investors with more opportunities.

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