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Consul General Li's Greetings


Welcome to visit the website of the Chinese Consulate General in Manchester.

Since adopting the policy of Reform and Opening-up, China has made abundant advancements on all fronts. The connection between China and the world has been incessantly expanded, deepened, and uplifted. The Chinese people are marching steadfastly towards the great China Dream of state prosperity, national rejuvenation, and people's happiness. Our consular district covers northern England where harbors advanced science, technology, and education. The local economy is very complementary to that of China and has good quality for developing cooperation and exchanges with China, making mutual benefits, and achieving common development. The Chinese communities in our consular district date back far in history. The local Chinese care about the development of China, actively inherit and disseminate Chinese culture, and generously support our Consulate General.

On the basis of "Foreign affairs for the people", we will throw all of our weight on our job, pro-actively promote the cooperation and exchanges between our consular district and China, and provide high-quality and efficient consular service to our Chinese compatriots. We welcome all constructive comments and suggestions to our job.


LI Yongsheng

Consul General of China in Manchester

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