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Consul General Zheng Xiyuan Meets with British MP Sir Mark Hendrick


On 3rd December 2018, Consul General Zheng Xiyuan met with British MP Sir Mark Hendrick at his residence, accompanied by Deputy Consul General Fan Yingjie and Consul Lyu Xiaomei.

Consul General Zheng thanked Sir Mark for his long-standing contribution to the promotion of Sino-British friendship and briefed him on the recent work of the Consulate General in promoting pragmatic exchanges and cooperation with China in Northern England. He looked forward to Sir Mark taking advantage of his resources to establish a collaborative platform for think tanks and researchers in China and Northern England to conduct research into topics of mutual interest and to proactively build bridges for relevant Chinese provinces, regions and cities to borrow advanced transformation experience from the rust belt of Northern England and to seek collaboration with the UK.


Hendrick said that he was willing to do more to raise the visibility of Northern England amongst Chinese intellectuals and to promote Sino-British trade, and cultural exchanges and cooperation, and that China and Britain should communicate and learn from each other for the benefit of the two peoples. Northern England enjoys a long history of cooperation with China and has abundant sister cities. It is suggested that sister cities should be used as a platform to expand regional cooperation between China and Britain and enhance mutual understanding between the people.  

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