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Consul General Zheng Xiyuan Attends Chinese New Year Celebration Hosted by Greater Manchester Police


On 20th February 2019, Consul General Zheng Xiyuan attended the Spring Festival Celebration hosted by the Greater Manchester Police upon invitation and was accompanied by Consul Lyu Xiaomei.

 In his speech, Consul General Zheng expressed his appreciation to the Greater Manchester Police for hosting Chinese New Year celebrations for the local Chinese community for three consecutive years and thanked the police for their effort to ensure that Chinese nationals and overseas Chinese students live, work and study in peace and security. He hoped to work closely with the police to promote harmonious coexistence between the Chinese ethnic group and various local ethnic groups so that they could positively integrate into and actively contribute to the local society.     

Chief Constable Hopkins of the Greater Manchester Police said that whilst enhancing Asian police officers' sense of belonging to their organisations, the Chinese New Year celebrations hosted by the Police in successive years have also been sending a positive message to the local society that the Police truly represents interests of the broadest ethnic groups. The Greater Manchester Police attaches great importance to the security rights and interests of the Chinese ethnic group and Chinese overseas students, actively responds to the voice of the Chinese community, provides additional police force for China Town and is willing to make efforts jointly with the Consulate General in enhancing the sense of security and happiness of the Chinese ethnic group.  

Manchester Fo Guang Shan Society performed a wonderful show. Around 60 attendees including senior police officers from the Greater Manchester Police, district police force at China Town and friendly personages from various local ethnic groups joined the celebration.   

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