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Consul General Holds Video Meeting with President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manchester


On March 25,2020, Consul General Zheng Xi Yuan held video meeting with Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manchester, to exchange views on the infection prevention and control of COVID-19. Counsellor Zhao Jiang, Consul Liu Wei and Vice Consul Hu Xiao attended the meeting.

Consul General Zheng said that the recent telephone conversation between President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Boris Johnson fully reflected the great importance both attached to the bilateral relations, and clearly demonstrated the strong determination and confidence of China and Britain to work closely together to combat the pandemic. To show support, the consulate would like to donate PPEs to the student volunteers from the Medical School of University of Manchester in support of their work. As always, the safety of Chinese student community is a matter of serious concern for the consulate. Consul General Zheng asked the the university to provide timely support and assistance to the students in need to ensure students’ safety. For the Chinese students who had to stay on campus during the pandemic, Consul General Zheng hoped that the university to provide medical consultation, psychological counselling and support in life. He also shared with the Vice-Chancellor the students' appeals for fee waivers, degree awards etc., hoping that the university will give due consideration.

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manchester thanked Consul General Zheng for the donation to the medical students. She said that the university has taken the safety issue of and appeals from its Chinese students very seriously. In response to the last meeting with Consul General Zheng, the university has taken measures to ensure the students’ studies not to be affected by the pandemic by making all courses available online and adopting appropriate assessment methods for students of different grades. She also confirmed that the university will provide necessary support to stay-on-campus Chinese students and will strengthen counselling services to ease their psychological stress. In conclusion, she reiterated that the university were willing to continue to work with the consulate to ensure the students get through the epidemic safe and sound.

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