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BOCOG briefs on progress in Olympic preparations

BEIJING, August 6) -- Remarkable progress has been made in the construction of Olympic venues, said Wang Wei, executive vice-president and secretary-General of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) on Monday.

So far three venues in co-host cities, namely Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center Stadium, Shenyang Olympic Sports Center Stadium and Hong Kong Equestrian Events Venue have been completed, he told a press conference held by the State Council Information Office.

With respect to the 12 Beijing-based venues to be built from scratch, including the National Stadium and the National Aquatics Center, their main structures have been completed, with decoration, fit-up process and installation of electromechanical equipment under way.

As far as the 11 existing and eight temporary venues are concerned, their renovation and construction has started, and Fengtai Softball Field has been delivered for use.

All competition venues will be completed by the end of 2007, except for the National Stadium, whose project for the opening ceremony should be wound up in early 2008.

Wang went on in length to give updates on other aspects of the preparations:

-- Competition organization has gone into depth and preparations for the Paralympic Games have been progressing concurrently.

At the moment, the competition schedule for the Olympics has been decided and competition managers have all been assigned to their posts. The organizers are gearing up for the 26 Good Luck Beijing sports events scheduled for 2007. The 2008 Paralympics will have 20 sports and 471 events. A review group for the accessible facilities of the Paralympics has been set up, and the construction of the Paralympic venues and accessible facilities has been moving ahead as scheduled.

-- The preparation of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics will end soon and various creative and technical schemes will enter the production, implementation and rehearsal phases.

-- The Olympic torch relay is in full swing with the selection of torchbearers kicking off on June 23.

-- Brisk sales have been seen in the ticketing process. As of end of June, a total of over 720,000 orders were made for more than 5.1 million tickets.

-- More than 560,000 people have registered as Games-time volunteers and BOCOG will make efforts to ensure the sufficient number and high quality of volunteers, whose training will be intensified during the Good Luck Beijing sport events.

-- Services for the various groups of customers have been advancing. On January 1, the State Council started to implement the regulations on reporting activities in China by foreign journalists during the Beijing Olympic Games and the preparatory period, and later on, BOCOG has drawn up a service guide for foreign media coverage. BOCOG also has signed Olympic accommodation agreements with 122 hotels, defined the Olympic Family and Paralympic Family hotels and designated 21 hospitals for medical services of the Olympics.

And finally, transportation and environment in Beijing have improved. A cheap bus ticket policy has been implemented, and air and water quality has been upgraded in recent years. On the other hand, a campaign to teach good manners has been unfolding.

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