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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sets up the Consular Protection Center


The inauguration ceremony for the Consular Protection Center was held by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China on August 23, 2007.

Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi pointed out at the ceremony that the consular protection, which embodies the notion of "putting people first and governing for the people", is closely linked with the image of the CPC and the government and the building of governance capacity. The Ministry and the working staffs of diplomatic missions should pay attention to the consular protection work and do it well for the sake of putting people first and building a harmonious society and in an attitude accountable for the people and country. The Ministry and diplomatic missions should take the concept of scientific development as the guideline, the consolidation of mechanisms as the key, and the building of human resources as the basis to explore and improve the consular protection system with Chinese characteristics and upgrade the work. Vice Foreign Minister Dai Bingguo presented the board to the Consular Protection Center at the ceremony. Assistant Foreign Minister Kong Quan was also present at the ceremony.

On May 29, 2006, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs set up the Consular Protection Division under the Department of Consular Affairs to coordinate and handle the cases that involves the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and legal persons abroad. The Consular Protection Center was set up on the basis of the Consular Protection Division to integrate resources and improve coordination with respect to early warning, handling, publicity, and legislation. It is also another important measure to implement the notion of "putting people first and governing for the people".

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