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Facts about Tibet should not be distorted


Regarding some western media coverage of the violence in Lhasa, we must say, the facts should not be distorted and a sense of justice is common to all people.

    In the violence that erupted in Tibet's capital, Lhasa, on March 14, rioters injured many and even killed 13 innocent people on the street, with extremely crude methods.

    Official figures show that rioters set fires at more than 300 locations, mostly private houses, stores and schools, and smashed vehicles and damaged public facilities.

    However, some western media neglected the facts and presented distorted reporting for more than 10 days. Numerous western newspapers, broadcasts and websites were full of reporting on the Chinese government's "crackdown" and "tyranny" against the Tibetan people and suspicions of a worsening situation in Tibet.

N-TV, headquartered in Germany, used TV footage showing police with captured protestors in a report on the Tibet riots. The footage had been shot in Nepal, the police were Nepalese.

Some western websites published a photo with a caption saying "Chinese troops parade handcuffed Tibetan prisoners in trucks", while the photo actually showed Indian police dragging a man away.

    Some western websites used a cropped photo of Chinese military trucks, cutting off the half of the picture showing a crowd of rioters throwing rocks at the trucks.

    More notably, some websites used pictures of baton-wielding Nepalese police in clashes with Tibetan protesters in Kathmandu, claiming that the officers were Chinese police.

    These western media, which acted as moral arbiters, neglected the facts of Tibet's economic, social and cultural development and the Chinese government's efforts to restore order in Lhasa, and repeatedly accused the Chinese government of "depriving the religious freedom of Tibetan people" and committing "cultural genocide in Tibet".

    These media associated the riots with the country's human rights record and the Beijing Olympic Games and were determined to boycott the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

A CNN website picture shows people running in front of a military truck. The original picture uploaded by Chinese netizens, however, actually also shows mobsters throwing stones at the truck.

Facing these distorted and dishonest reports, Chinese people couldn't help asking:

    Do they really understand the history and culture of Tibet? Do they understand how much Tibetan people value the current situation of harmonious nationalities, economic growth, social development and cultural prosperity?

    Do they understand the expectations of the Chinese people for the Beijing Olympic Games and sincere willingness to share the grand event with people from all over the world?

    Do they maintain their so-called impartiality, justice, free speech and professionalism in reporting?

    It is obvious: facts should not be distorted and truth should not be hidden, while lies never become truth and a sense of justice is common to all people!

    The Chinese government's position and measures won wide support and understanding from international society. Many countries and organizations including Pakistan, Singapore, India, African and Arabic nations, and foreign diplomats in China, voiced their support.

BBC released a picture on its website showing Chinese Armed Police officers helping medical staff move a wounded person into an ambulance. The caption says that "there is a heavy military presence in Lhasa", neglecting the obvious First Aid and red cross signs on the ambulance.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization said in a statement that it backed the Chinese government's measures to maintain order and stability in Tibet.

    All of this friendly, firm support showcases respect for facts and truth, as well as trust and friendship in China and its people by those countries, which believe in truth and justice.

    Tibetan people exposed the conspiracy of the Dalai Lama's clique, which was supported by some western forces hostile to China urging the secession of Tibet from the motherland and undermining the peaceful environment for the upcoming Olympics.

    International opinion will always stand by the truth. Biased, dishonest reports by some western media can not represent true public opinion, especially in an information age of increasing globalization.

    Tens of thousands of netizens from China and abroad have been angered by biased and sometimes dishonest reports about the recent riots in Tibet by some western media, and answered calls to condemn some western media organizations for exaggerated and distorted reporting of the issue.

    As objective, just and rational reports and comments have increased, we believe, Chinese people including Tibetan people, and people from all over the world who love peace and cherish friendship are sure to make a clear distinction between right and wrong and support social stability and progress in Tibet.

    We also believe that athletes and audiences from all over the world will actively join in the Olympics, when they will be welcomed by a big smile from the Chinese people.


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