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Information for Sichuan Earthquake Donations



    A strong earthquake hit Sichuan Province in the southwest China on 12th May. So far, more than 20,000 people have lost their lives and several millions become homeless. Most of the earthquake-hit areas are rural and poverty-stricken, with poor transportation and telecommunications, which makes it more difficult for rescuers to carry out their missions. 

    Your donation means a lot to those who have suffered physically and psychologically in the earthquake!

    You can make your donation through Chinese Consulate General in Manchester in the forms of checks and cash.


    1. Checks should be written as follows:

    Pay to the order of "Chinese Consulate General in Manchester", For "Earthquake Relief Donation".

    Checks can be sent to the Chinese Consulate General in Manchester either in person or by mail. Our address is: Denison House, 71 Denison Road, Rusholme, Manchester M14 5RX. Please leave us your name, address and contact phone number so that we can send you a formal receipt in the future.


    2. Cash can be donated to the last window in the Visa Department when it opens.


    3.You may also send your donation to our account at the Bank of China in Manchester. The bank account is: China Earthquake Relief Fund, 501743-0204-000.

    Our contact phone number: 0161-2247443 or 2489304


    The Chinese Consulate General in Manchester highly appreciates your help and kindness.

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