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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks on US Media Hyping Up Cyber Security Issue Related to China


Q: The US media has been playing up China-related cyber security issue in recent days. How do you think this will affect the China-US relations? How should the two countries properly address this issue?

A: The Chinese side has clarified its position on the cyber security issue on various occasions. The Chinese government staunchly upholds cyber security, firmly opposes and combats all forms of cyber attacks in accordance with law.

As shown in a report recently issued by relevant Chinese cyber security company, China has long suffered from massive cyber attacks from abroad and severe threats to national security and interests. Cyber security is a complicated global issue given the fact that cyber attacks are conducted anonymously and across borders. The Chinese side calls for all parties to seek a common solution through enhanced dialogue and cooperation. Groundless speculation, hyping up or accusation is not helpful to solve the problem nor conducive to any party's interests.

As major Internet countries, both China and the US share significant interests in cyber security. This should be a source of cooperation rather than confrontation for the two countries. We hope the US side can stop irresponsible attacks and accusations against China following a constructive spirit, create necessary conditions for bilateral cooperation in cyber security based on mutual respect and trust, and work together with the international community to build a cyber space that is peaceful, safe, open and cooperative.

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