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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on November 6, 2015


Q: The acting chief economist of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Hans Peter Lankes said yesterday that China has recently made a formal application for membership of the EBRD. Can you confirm that and why does China decide to join the EBRD?

A: In order to successfully align the Belt and Road Initiative and the Investment Plan for Europe and deepen its cooperation with the EBRD, China has recently expressed its willingness to join the bank. We believe China's participation would deliver win-win results to both sides as it serves the interests of all parties.

Q: The Deputy Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry of the ROK said at yesterday's press conference that the ROK and China are holding relevant discussions to set the agenda of the first maritime boundary delimitation meeting in December 2015. Can you confirm that?

A: During President Xi Jinping's visit to the ROK in July, 2014, the two countries issued a joint statement announcing that the maritime demarcation talks will start in 2015. The Chinese side attaches high importance to that and has been in close communication with the ROK side to prepare the launch of boundary delimitation negotiations. The two sides have agreed upon consultations to hold the first round of China-ROK maritime demarcation talks in December this year, as a way of implementing the consensus reached between the two leaders last year.

To fairly and properly demarcate the China-ROK maritime boundary through negotiations and consultations is of great significance to upholding tranquility and stability of the relevant waters and consolidating and growing bilateral friendly cooperation. It also gives full expression to China's long-standing stance and position to settle maritime disputes with its neighbors through bilateral dialogues on the basis of respecting historical facts and international law. It is hoped that China and the ROK can fairly and properly resolve the overlapping claims of maritime rights and interests through amicable consultations and set a good example for regional countries in addressing similar issues.

Q: India and China have concluded their counter-terrorism consultations in New Delhi. Do you have any details in this regard?

A: I need to check on the details of this round of consultations. We have talked about China-India cooperation on counter-terrorism the other day. We are ready to enhance communication and cooperation with the Indian side on counter-terrorism which is of common interest to the two sides.

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