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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on November 11, 2015


Q: Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt passed away on November 10. What is China's comment on him?

A: The Chinese side deeply mourns the passing of Mr. Schmidt and expresses sincere sympathy to people of Germany and families of Mr. Schmidt.

Mr. Schmidt is a widely admired statesman and strategist who has made tremendous contributions to the development of Germany and the integration of Europe. His passing is the loss of the Germans and the international community. Mr. Schmidt is the pioneer and promoter of China-Germany relations who has long been committed to mutual understanding and cooperation between the two countries. The Chinese side highly appreciates contributions made by Mr. Schmidt. Together with the German side, we will push ahead with our all-round strategic partnership.

Q: What is China's response to the result of the general election in Myanmar? How will it affect the China-Myanmar relationship?

A: As a friendly neighbor, the Chinese side will carry forward traditional friendship and develop all-round mutually beneficial cooperation with Myanmar as it always does and support Myanmar in advancing its political agenda after the election in accordance with the law in a bid to maintain national stability and long-term development.

Q: US State Department Spokesperson said on November 10 that APEC is primarily an economic forum, however, the South China Sea issue is likely to come up on the sidelines of the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting if it is not on the formal agenda. He also said that when the US meets with allies and partners in the region, it is an issue that does come up. What is China's response to that?

A: APEC is the most important forum for economic cooperation and trade in the Asia-Pacific. The long-standing consensus among all members is that sensitive issues concerning politics and security shall not be introduced. It is also an important condition for the existence and development of APEC. APEC is not a proper venue to talk about the relevant sensitive issue, and must not facilitate any practice of playing up sensitive issues. We have noted that this year's APEC host, the Philippines, also concurred that the APEC Economic Leaders' meeting won't and mustn't discuss political, security and other sensitive issues. It is hoped that all members will work in concert to preserve the nature of APEC as an economic forum, make more constructive efforts, concentrate on regional economic growth and practical cooperation, create favorable atmosphere to ensure the success of the meeting, and make contributions to prosperity, development and advancement of the region.

Q: Is the Chinese side concerned that the US would make use of the post-election Myanmar to increase its clout in Asia?

A: As a friend and neighbor of Myanmar, we are fully confident of carrying forward the traditional friendship and long-term cooperation featuring amity and mutual benefit with Myanmar. China and Myanmar are joined by mountains and rivers. People of the two countries enjoy profound friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields which serves the common interests of the two countries and two peoples. China is ready to forge a community of common destiny and shared interests with neighbors including Myanmar so that China's neighbors can seize opportunities brought by China's development and achieve common growth with China.

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