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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Remarks on Death of Three Chinese Citizens in Malian Hostage-taking Incident


Gunmen staged a massive hostage-taking incident in Mali on November 20. 27 were killed, including 3 Chinese citizens. The other 4 Chinese hostages were rescued. We express our deep condolences for the lost lives and sincere sympathy to their families.

Highly concerned about the incident, the Party and state leadership immediately gave important instructions. The Chinese Foreign Ministry and the Embassy in Mali activated the emergency response mechanism upon learning what had happened, and went all out to coordinate relevant sectors for the rescue work. The Malian government and the international community made great endeavor to rescue the hostages. However, in total disregard of human conscience, those gunmen committed the inhuman crime. The Chinese side expresses its indignation at and strong condemnation of the atrocity.

The Chinese government will continue to enhance cooperation with the international community to safeguard the safety and lawful rights and interests of overseas Chinese citizens and institutions.

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