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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on December 3, 2015


Q: On December 2, a shooting took place in San Bernardino, California, the US, causing major casualties. What is China's comment? Are there Chinese citizens among the dead and injured?

A: The Chinese side opposes all forms of violent actions and is shocked by this serious shooting incident. We express our condolences to the lost lives and sympathy to the bereaved families and the injured.

China's Consulate General in Los Angeles is verifying whether or not there are Chinese citizens killed or injured in this incident.

Q: The Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) will open tomorrow. What are the major topicsof this summit? What does China expect to achieve from it?

A: As for the theme, the topics and the expected outcomes of this summit, the Foreign Ministry has held a Lanting Forum and a press briefing on President Xi Jinping's charing of the Johannesburg summit of FOCAC. You can find relevant information on the Foreign Ministry's website.

This summit will be a grand gathering to build on past achievements, open up new horizons, deepen cooperation and focus on people's livelihood. Leaders of both sides will draw the blueprint for China-Africa relations in the new stage from a holistic and strategic point of view. At the moment, Africa faces two most urgent tasks, i.e. accelerating industrialization and agricultural modernization. We will support Africa in removing two major bottlenecks, namely, backward infrastructure and inadequate professional and skilled personnel. We will focus on helping African countries build three major systems of industrialization, food security as well as public health and disease prevention and control. We will upgrade our practical cooperation, with focus shifting from general trade to production capacity cooperation, from project contracting to investment-based operation, and from government assistance to independent development, so as to achieve common development and prosperity. This summit will underscore people's livelihood, pay more attention to input in poverty reduction, and lean towards the least developed countries as well as communities in greater need of help, such as women and children. This will fully demonstrate FOCAC's features of wide consultation, joint development and shared benefits, and instill more vigor and vitality to the lasting growth of FOCAC. We are looking forward to this summit which I believe will yield fruitful results.

The People's Daily today published an article written by Foreign Minister Wang Yi which reflected on bilateral cooperation and touched upon China's expectations for the summit. It pointed out that this summit will move up bilateral relations to a higher plane, further align China's and Africa's development strategies and highlight win-win cooperation which is the trend of the times. The article is worth your reading.

Q: The Washington Post said that the Chinese government arrested the hackers who stole data from the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Can you confirm that and provide more details? There are reports saying that the leaking of OPM data is a criminal case rather than a state-sponsored cyber attack. Does this conclusion have anything to do with China's arrest of hackers?

A: I have no relevant information. Yesterday I briefed about the first China-US high-level dialogue on fighting cyber crimes and related matters co-hosted by China's State Councilor Guo Shengkun and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson and its outcomes. The two sides agreed to share experience in fighting cyber crimes, establish a hot-line on fighting cyber crimes and related matters, remain in contact for law enforcement matters and list specific steps to crack cyber crime cases. This demonstrates that both China and the US are willing to strengthen communication and work together to deal with common challenges in the cyber security field in a constructive way.

Q: NATO Foreign Ministers decided during a meeting of the North Atlantic Council on December 2 to start negotations onMontenegro's accession. What is your comment?

A: We have noted relevant reports. NATO is a product of the Cold War. In the globalized era, the security of one country interconnects with and influences that of another. No country or group can seek its absolute security single-handedly. The international community should discard all forms of Cold War mindset, adopt the new concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, and jointly build a just and fair security landscape that is shared by all.

Q: According to reports, the Russian Defense Ministry said yestersay that Turkey is conducting illegal oil trade with the Islamic State. What is China's comment? Are you concerned about this?

A: We have noted relevant reports. Counter-terrorism is a pressing challenge faced by the entire international community. It is hoped that all parties could follow the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, strengthen solidarity and coordination, and forge synergy in opposing and fighting all forms of terrorism. On cutting off the financing for terrorists, we support the international community in stepping up coordination and cooperation and the UN Security Council in continuing to play a constructive role in this regard.

Q: China has been calling for efforts to block financing for terrorist groups. Does China have any information about which countries or individuals have provided funding for terrorist groups? Does China suspect anyone?

A: What you ask is the specific area that China and the international community are working on to have closer cooperation. Counter-terrorism is a pressing task and common challenge faced by the international community. One of the crucial ways to combat terrorism is to cut off its financing channels. The Chinese side opposes any individual or country in providing facilitation or cooperation for the financing of terrorism in any way. We believe that in this particular area, the international community should enhance cooperation and the UN Security Council should play a constructive role.

Q: It is reported that China General Nuclear Power Corporation bought a power plant of 1 Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) with US$ 2.3 billion with the purpose of increasing China's influence on Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia. What is your comment?

A: I have no comment on the relevant company's intention of overseas cooperation or development strategy. What I want to stress is that Malaysia is an important neighbor of China. China and Malaysia enjoy close economic cooperation and trade. We are pleased to see Chinese enterprises carry out mutually beneficial cooperation with the Malaysian side following the principles of commerce in accordance with law.

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