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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks on the Situation in Venezuela


Q: According to reports, on February 23, Juan Guaido tried to bring humanitarian aid into Venezuela with the support of the United States and Columbia, but the Maduro government refused to let it in. In the meantime, President Maduro announced the decision to accept the European Union's offer of technical humanitarian aid via the UN system. What is China's comment on the situation in Venezuela?

A: The Chinese side hopes that Venezuela will maintain peace and stability, calls for the observance of international law and basic norms governing international relations, and opposes intervention by external forces in the internal affairs of Venezuela. It also opposes using the so-called humanitarian aid to serve political ends and stir up instability and even turmoil in Venezuela and its neighborhood, which is not in the interests of any party. We once again call on the ruling and opposition parties in Venezuela to seek political solutions through dialogue and consultation within the framework of the Constitution and laws and call on the international community to do things that are truly conducive to the country's stability, economic development, and the improvement of its people's livelihood. It is hoped that the international community will provide constructive assistance to Venezuela on the premise of respecting its sovereignty.

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