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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Regular Press Conference on July 10, 2019


Q: Chinese and US trade negotiators had a call yesterday. I know the Commerce Ministry has already issued a statement which is quite short. The US has described that this call has been very constructive. Does the Chinese government share the view that this call was indeed very constructive?

A: Like you said, the Ministry of Commerce has issued a press release on the phone call between the heads of China-US trade talks. According to the press release, the two sides exchanged views on implementing the consensus reached by the two presidents during their meeting in Osaka. I don't have anything further to update you at the moment.

Q: Candace Claiborne, a former US diplomat, was sentenced to 40 months in prison for giving US documents to China in exchange for money. I was wondering if the Foreign Ministry has any comment on this?

A: I'm not aware of that.

Q: Director of the US National Economic Council Larry Kudlow said the phone call between the two sides "went well", and emphasized the importance of China's continued purchase of American agricultural products. Will China buy more agricultural products from the US?

A: If I recall correctly, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce responded to a similar question last week. Trade in agricultural products is an important issue to be discussed. The two sides need to find a solution based on equality and mutual respect.

Q: According to Financial Times, during his meeting with President Xi in Osaka last month, President Trump promised to play down criticism on Hong Kong's amendment bill in order to restart China-US trade consultations. I wonder what is your comment on that?

A: Did you ask this question last week? (Journalist: No. I saw the news just now.)

I believe I took a similar question last week. Again I'd refer you to the press release issued by the Chinese side on the meeting in Osaka. I have nothing further to add.

Our position on Hong Kong-related issues is very clear. Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China, and its affairs are purely China's domestic affairs. No foreign government, organization or individual has the right to interfere.

Q: Director of the US National Economic Council Larry Kudlow said yesterday that differences between China and the US could still be overcome in negotiations, but there is no timeline at the moment. Does this mean the two sides still have some major differences? How does China see the prospects of negotiations?

A: China's Ministry of Commerce has already released information on yesterday's telephone call between the heads of China-US trade talks. I have nothing further to add.

As to specifics and outlook on the talks, I'd refer you to the competent authority.

Q: It has been reported that the Commander of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Garrison in the Hong Kong SAR said when meeting with a US official last month that the PLA would not interfere in Hong Kong affairs. Why does China need to make such a pledge to a US official?

A: I am not aware of the meeting you mentioned. I refer you to the Ministry of National Defense.

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