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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks on the US Side's Vile Comments Relating to Hong Kong


Q: On August 12, US House Speaker Pelosi, Senator McConnell, Senator Rubio and Congressman Yoho tweeted that Hong Kong police repressed demonstrators with violence and that the Chinese central government eroded democracy and freedom in Hong Kong. Does the Chinese side have any comment?

A: The US denied on many occasions its involvement in the on-going violent incidents in Hong Kong. However, the comments from those members of the US congress have provided the world with new and powerful evidence on the country's involvement. By neglecting and distorting the truth, they whitewashed violent crimes as a struggle for human rights and freedom, and deliberately misinterpreted the work of Hong Kong police as violent repression when the police were only enforcing the law, fighting crimes and upholding social order. They even incited the Hong Kong residents to engage in confrontation with the SAR government and the central government. How anxious are they to instigate and see chaos!

In the US, members of the Congress are also called lawmakers. I cannot help asking the relevant senators and House representatives: are you lawmakers or law-breakers? We solemnly remind you this plain truth: Hong Kong affairs are entirely China's internal affairs, and you are neither entitled nor qualified to wantonly comment on them. Mind your own business and stay out of Hong Kong affairs.

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