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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Regular Press Conference on September 4, 2019


Q: According to reports, China will invest 280 billion dollars to develop Iran's oil and gas and petrochemical sectors and China will invest another 120 billion dollars to upgrade Iran's transport and manufacturing infrastructure. Can you confirm this report and offer some details?

A: I'm not aware of what you said and don't know where you got such information. What I can tell you is that China and Iran enjoy friendly relations and our two countries conduct friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields within the framework of international law.

Q: Will Chairman Kim Jung Un meet with State Councilor Wang Yi?

A: I understand there is lots of attention on this since you've been asking this question for two days straight. Like I said, we will release information on State Councilor Wang Yi's visit to the DPRK in due course.

Follow-up: Will Chairman Kim Jung Un's visit to China be talked about during this visit?

A: Like I just said, we will release information on State Councilor Wang Yi's visit to the DPRK in due course.

Q: Huawei says that the US government is trying to coerce its employees to spy on the company, presumably to provide evidence to the US government. What's your response to these accusations from Huawei?

A: As I understand, this is Huawei's response to some allegations from the US side.

Here's what I can tell you. The Chinese government asks Chinese enterprises to observe market principles, international rules and local laws while doing business overseas. At the same time, we firmly oppose the US abusing national power to oppress certain Chinese companies based on no evidence at all. Such an act is disgraceful and immoral, and it runs counter to the principle of market economy, for which the US has been a self-claimed champion.

We urge the US to stop abusing the concept of national security, to cease its smear campaign against China and oppression against Chinese companies, and to provide a level playing field and a non-discriminatory environment for Chinese companies operating in the US.

Q: About the upcoming UN General Assembly, I was wondering if President Xi will be attending the assembly? If not, who will be attending it as head of the Chinese delegation?

A: We will release the information in due course. You may follow up on that.

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